Our Story

How it all started...

Gateway Christian Fellowship was founded in 1950 by Harvey Davis in San Bernardino, CA.  Pastor Davis' original plan was to start a missionary organization in the African nation of Liberia rather than a new church. Harvey Davis and his wife Jackie started Gateway while they awaited their visas. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall served as the developing churchs' first location. They were asked to leave since others found the praise and worship of the emerging church to be overwhelming.  After searching in various places, Pastor Davis settled Gateway's first establishment in San Bernardino at the corner of 21st Street and Pico.
The Davises obtained their visas for their mission trip to Africa in 1953, and on January 1st, 1954, the leadership was passed to his younger brother Howard & his wife Jeannine Davis.
Bishop Howard & Jeannine Davis dove wholeheartedly into the ministry of Gateway, and within 12 years the church was averaging 300 in attendance. The 30 x 60, 21st & Pico location had become so outgrown that people were sitting on the platform & floor.
However, it didn't remain this way for long, and on June 30th, 1966, Gateway had its first service in the 50 x 70, 4th Avenue location. During this time, Gateway had a bus ministry, started Little Mountain Christian School (later renamed Gateway Christian Academy), and many remodels. This included remodeling the sanctuary to be 100 x 100 and able to seat 800 individuals. In 1991, Pastor Howard suffered the loss of his beloved wife Jeannine. In 1992, he married the widow June Starr from Michigan who quickly became Gateway’s beloved First Lady and filled this massive void. Her five daughters (and their husbands) became favorites of Gateways visiting ministers. In 1996, Bro Davis passed the baton to Asst. Pastor John & Santa Stratton.
Rev. John and Santa Stratton were born in San Bernardino, CA in 1955. They both attended Cajon high school and were married shortly after. After feeling a call to God,  John and his Mother-in-Law decided to visit Gateway Christian Fellowship. They both received the Holy Ghost that very first night. It didn’t take long before his wife, their two daughters Rachael and Paula, his mother and his Father-in-Law made Gateway their home.
His first role in leadership was Outreach Director. He then witnessed to many of the current saints of Gateway and helped grow the congregation and school. In 1996, shortly following the birth of his third daughter, Hannah, he was appointed pastor of Gateway Christian Fellowship. His passion for outreach and foreign missions were evident during his tenure. He helped build many churches overseas, led missions trips and established the current leaders of Gateway. In 2013, Asst. Pastor Adrian & Rachael McClain were elected as Pastors of Gateway. Rev. John Stratton and his family attend and minister at Gateway to this day.

Where we are Now...

Pastor Adrian McClain was born in 1979 in Columbus, Georgia. He came from a home missions family that started churches in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Georgia. After graduating from high school in Augusta, Adrian felt a call to Jackson Bible College of Ministries. During his second year in Jackson, he met his soon-to-be wife, Rachael Stratton. She was born in 1979 in San Bernardino, CA, was a first place national Bible Quizzer and valedictorian of Gateway Education Center. After Adrian and Rachael married, Adrian graduated with his BA in Theology. In 2001, the McClains moved to San Bernardino, CA to attend Gateway. Rachael continued her education and graduated from the University of Redlands with her BS in business administration and BA in history with honors, while serving as music minister at Gateway. In 2008, after serving in various ministries, Adrian became Assistant Pastor. In 2013, Pastor Adrian was installed as the Senior Pastor of Gateway. They are raising four beautiful children: Olivia, Savannah, John Wesley and Sicilia. They lead by example in how they raise their family and continue to grow revival at Gateway Christian Fellowship.